is there simple way to put random sprite to gameobject multi child with no repating.

(sorry if my title is mumbo jumbo my english is what it is:) )

i have multiple sprites in

    public Sprite[] Sprite;
 //and i have 8 empty ui images 
public Image image1; //etc

i am using this randomly picking 8 sprites and it is working ok, but some times it can be that there is same sprite couple times ( example 1 1 2 2 8 7 5 3 || numbers = sprites)

int index;
index = UnityEngine.Random.Range (0, Sprite.Length);
		image1.sprite = Sprite[index];

index = UnityEngine.Random.Range (0, Sprite.Length);
		image2.sprite = Sprite[index];

//..etc 6 more times

is there simple way to check if sprite is already in ui image and smaller script to change all ui images sprite.

solved using list