Is there some kind of plugin to help me with online data retrieval?

Data in the cloud is pretty popular these days but all the database plugins I come across are just for local databases which are compiled inside the app (?). Is there a plugin for cloud based data? I want to retrieve text, images, audio from an online data source which is then seen in the ios app at runtime. Ideally the source data is also easy to upload/modify by the client.

I could code this myself, but I figure this must be such a popular request that there must be a plugin out there already written.


How about WWW for retrieving all those data types you mentioned? Unity - Scripting API: WWW

With Pro, you can put AssetBundles in the cloud and load them:

Maybe there’s a MySQL or Postgres plugin available, which would be better for multiuser remote DBs. Otherwise, with care you could use any of the SQLite plugins.