Is there something better than Monodevelop?

I have numerous Monodevelop issues. see here:

I just wanted to know if there were any other options. My main needs are:

-document browsing (so I can see all thye function names) -back/forward to last piece of code history. -a search system that works. -that it works with Unity

I dont care about autocomplete or any other gimmicks ;)

I would always prefer using Visual Studio over using MonoDevelop. The only thing I personally use MonoDevelop for is debugging because that's only working with MonoDevelop. And mind you: I'm on a Mac and still prefer using Visual Studio ;-)

If you're on Windows, it's a no-brainer - just download and install Visual Studio and you'll be all fine.

If you're on a Mac, use this Unifycommunity Wiki entry for the rescue: Setting up Visual Studio for Unity on Mac