Is there something more reliable than simple Triggers for something like a Rhythm Game?

Currently using trigger boxes and on trigger stay and whatnot for a rhythm game project for school but sometimes when I press the keys that are associated with the notes it simply doesn’t work even though I press the button. I’ve heard of things like OverlapSpheres or things like that but I have no idea how to use them. Is there something more reliable I can use than just a simple trigger box that can tell when the notes are inside of it?

If you use a system similar to Guitar Hero (item going down), you can check for distance.

You can even be more precise as you can say

if(distance > x){ Fail();}
else if(distance <= x && distance > y){ Success(10);}
else if(distance <= y && distance >= z){ Success(50);}
else if(distance < z){ Miss();}