Is there still an issue with LocalNotifications in Unity 5?

Hi, I saw a couple threads like this: Unity Issue Tracker - Local notifications are not working on iOS 8 and and am wondering if it’s still an issue in 5. A responder said it was fixed, but I’m having issues.

In my Start(), I call:


and in another function, I call:

    var tornadoAlert: iOS.LocalNotification = new iOS.LocalNotification();
    tornadoAlert.alertAction = "Alert!";
    tornadoAlert.alertBody = "tornado test!";
    tornadoAlert.soundName = "tornado_alert";
    tornadoAlert.fireDate = Date.Now.AddSeconds(2);

But it doesn’t work. The editor will log the debug message, but the Xcode console will not. Any ideas?


: jesse

Hey try using UnityEngine.iOS.NotificationServices.ScheduleLocalNotification(notif);

It worked for me