Is there such a thing as too many LOD Groups?

At first sight, LOD groups seem like they are great. Imagine if one were to have a scene where every single object has LOD Groups. Would this give stellar performances or would the large number of LOD groups actually counter the good. If so what is a reasonable amount of LOD Groups?

In my case I have a trench scene with many sand bags. Would I be better of having every single trench object be an LOD group or would it be better to group trench pieces into larger LOD groups.

In short, Is there such a thing as too many LOD groups? If yes, how many is too many.


Shack Studio

I think the main performance issue here would be more a matter of draw calls and batching than the overhead of the LOD groups themselves. You’ll want to find that sweet spot where you mesh combine them into as few groups of objects as possible, while still keeping them localized enough that the LOD groups work well. That’s just my intuition though, as it’s hard to say for sure without a sense for the numbers of objects involved, poly counts, layout as far as occlusion, etc.