Is this a muse chat bug?

I got the response below when asking Muse chat how I could add a melee weapon system to a FPS controller. Went to a Chinese unity page with no info on weapons etc…

  1. Design your weapon: Create or import your weapon model. This could be a sword, a club, a knife, or any other melee weapon. Ensure it’s appropriately scaled and oriented.
  2. Create a Weapon Script: This script would control the behavior of the melee weapon. It could include methods for swinging the weapon, calculating collisions with enemies, and dealing damage. You can make use of Unity’s Physics system for collision detection and handling --boundary-4c8591b4bbf04f5ca94e6a435b0d2c20 {“source”: “Unity User Manual 2022.3 (LTS) - Unity 手册”, "metadata

Heya AndyNeoman, I want to first apologize for the super delayed response. I hope late is better than never! This looks like a bug to me.

Was this response everything you received from Muse, or was there more generated? It looks like an incomplete response. There’s another user asking about incomplete responses too, so I’m following up with engineering and I’ll include your post.

Muse providing a link to the Chinese manual when you’ve asking in English should not be intended behavior. I’ll forward this along too.

Thank you for reporting this, and thank you for your patience. I’m going to be better about hanging out in Discussions more!

All the best,

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