Is this legal?

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My question is there is a website called where you can upload your games onto their website for others to play. The uploading is free, it cost nothing. But… you do get paid by the amount of time people are on your game due to the advertisements I believe. Now is that considered using assets as commercial profit? Since I am not a bad artist, just don’t know how to use alot of 3d and 2d art software I download pictures off google images the seamless ones and all that to texture my models, and sometimes I download other free models of turbosquid or something for free. Can I get introuble for that? Cause I am not selling them or anything. I just wanted to ask someone more experienced before I got to far along in this.

Usage restrictions for assets that you find on the internet vary depending on how the original asset was licenced. Just because something is “free” in that you didn’t have to pay anything to access it does NOT mean that you are free to use it for any purpose you like.

I assume that when using Google you’re using the “Free to share, even commercially” advanced search filter, but it’s still best to check with the copyright owner. As for turbosquid, there should be a licence file attached to each asset you download.

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Well you do receive commercial gain for it, so I would say that it wouldn’t be very ethical to do that. There are a few things you can do however- check out this site- it’s a search engine that will return only resources licensed under creative commons- which means you can use it commercially for free, or just for crediting the artist.

Alternatively, you can ask permission from the artist whose work you are using- since they have posted their work for free download, I can imagine that they might very well be okay with you using their work. They may just want you to credit them somewhere.

if you make money from it, in any way, its commercial.

Its really that simple.

You could get paid by someone to develop a game they gave away and no money was ever made on the game-- but your use would still be commercial and a violation of non-commercial licensing because you made money on it.