Is this messenger script iOS friendly?

I want to use this script in my ios game, but since it uses generics and delegates I’m wondering how compatible it will be with ios:

PS. I can’t test on ios yet, as I don’t have the ios basic license (employer needs to purchase it still)

iOS doesn’t have any different capabilities as far as Mono goes, unless you have Unity iOS Pro license and use micro mscorlib in the stripping level, in which case you can see what the compatibility is here.

On reviewing that script it would appear to probably not be IOS compatible. The casting of the delegates using generic types would require that the delegate was defined for all of the generic parameter combinations ahead of time - any that weren’t would cause a JIT.

My article here might be the start of a fix for that - but I doubt that it’s a good idea. Would probably become very messy.

Your only other choice would be to adapt it to support invoking the delegates - that makes it about the same speed as a SendMessage.