Is this pc too old for game developement?

I have a pc with:
Intel core duo E8500 3.16GHz,
4 Gb RAM,
Intel Q45/Q43 integrated grafic card

Is it not enough for developement with unity? When I try to import assets or create a terrain the program always crashes. I reinstalled my op. system as well (win 7 32bit).
+4 Gb memory would be enough to use unity?

It depends on what kind of project you work on. If it is a 3D game, then you would really need more ram (8 would be enough). Also, a discrete graphics card would help a lot. Something like gtx 660 would be perfect. 2 cores cpu will work, but it will be tough. If you plan on also upgrading CPU, then you are better off building a completely new one (used parts are OK). But if you are going to build a completely new pc, then I would suggest waiting for amd zen architecture to be out.