Is this possible? Allowing the player to create an account

Please forgive me if this question is for whatever reason inappropriate to ask, I tried doing a little looking but didn’t have much luck so I thought I’d ask. Many games allow the player to create an account with them to sync data over devices, is this possible with Unity? I know the basics of how to do this, hashing and salting and peppering, but I think it’s naive to think I could create a platform in which sensitive data is stored without a formal education. Instead, is it possible to use Google accounts or Facebook accounts to sync data (as many other platforms do)? I vaguely remember something of the sort, but at this point, I have no idea what it was. I don’t need a super in-depth answer on how to do this right now, I’m thinking a bit further down the road, but if it is possible what are some things I should look into?
Thank you so much!

there is a youtuber named brackeys
he did a tutorial a few years back on a fps game and in the playlist there’s a few videos on accounts just search up : how to make a multiplayer fps in unity and you should find the playlist