Is this the correct walkthrough to get a game from pc to android/iphone?

Okay I am a little confused on how developing to multi platforms works (I have tried reading online, and that made me even more confused) I will try to explain how I think it works, and if someone could correct me that would be very helpful. (or if there is a good site that I haven't found let me know)

So I will start building my game from my PC in free unity. Once I have my game, I will buy the android plugin and get the android developer SDK. With the plugin I will re-compile my game somehow?(how do I move a game on unity to unity with android?). I would create the controls for my android (like direction pad on the screen) in unity in its own section `#if UNITY_ANDROID` and I can run a test simulation in unity as well. After this I would deploy the unity project to the android sdk, and run it and deploy it to my personal android phone from there. If all is working, send to marketplace.

And I am guessing for Iphone it would be the same, but I would have to bring my project over to my mac mini(that I will eventually get) and use the apple phone development instead of android sdk.

Does that sound right, do I even need to open the phone development tools? am I way off? edit: Also wondering about tablets, can we develop for them (iPad, Xoom, Galaxy?)if so how do you know what resolution to use

The buying of the licence will not require you to recompile anything, it just unlocks some features inside Unity. In your case, the ability to, under build settings select Android as the targeted platform.

The #if UNITY_ANDROID sounds right, but I'd just change up the Input.GetAxis setup once you have the licence. (for instance, change Horizontal to tilting left/right).

For tests you'd use Android Remote, a nice little tool that'll save you heaps of time.

That's basically it.

"Also wondering about tablets, can we develop for them (iPad, Xoom, Galaxy?)"

Yes, that's why the name of the licence was changed from Iphone to IOS. Any mobile device using IOS can be developed for. Same goes for every mobile device using Android.

"if so how do you know what resolution to use"

Look it up, there's a lot of documentation on that.