Is transferring a half-built VR project from Occulus to HTC a major stumbling block?

I’m doing some work for a gentleman who’s making an exhibit that will use VR, and so far we’ve been testing the project on an early Oculus device. According to the client, we’ll ultimately be targeting a HTC Vive Pro Eye.

I’ve been proceeding with work with the basic assumption that a headset’s a headset and that transferring work from one to the other shouldn’t be a major hassle as Unity’s basically going to work as the middleware.

However, my client has heard from some sources that transferring the work could prove to be a major stumbling block. My research doesn’t seem to suggest that, but I wanted to check if anybody’d had personal experience in the area.

I’ve spoken to a few people about this and had a response on the Unity forums - - seems like unless you’re getting into the weeds with one particular set of hardware then transferring a project from one system to the other takes minimal work, as I had assumed. If I encounter any further information, I’ll leave it here.