Is unity 3d easy to use

Is it easy to use Unity 3d? I have never used unity, what do i need to know to use Unity 3D? do i need to learn a language or what. Is most of the editing scripting or gui? Help Plz.

Welcome to the Unity World my friend.

Well Unity is not a piece of cake to learn but is a lot simpler that other game engines.

What do you need to know?

Well Unity Is a game engine, with Unity you can not create complex 3d models, just cubes, cylinders etc..

You will need a 3d software for your assets.(You can start with blender, it is open source)

And the coding is simple, I reccomend you reading the 15 page introduction to Unity scripting that they provide, look up for unity scripting pdf. (free)

Unity allows you 3 types of code Javascript,Boo and C#, I personally reccomend you Javascript (it is a littlebit different from the web javascript so be carefull)

Here I left you some tutorials that will help you to learn Unty pretty fast.

Tornado Twins

Good Luck sham32ali.

I think it depends on what you come into Unity knowing already.

  1. Do you know any programming languages at all?
  2. Have you worked with any 3D modeling tools ever?
  3. Have you ever textured a 3D model?
  4. Have you ever tried to create lighting for a 3D scene?

In a lot of ways, Unity is very 'drag and drop' in the way it handles making a game, and it vastly simplifies many complex problems. You can drag models into a scene. You can drag behaviors onto those models. You can drag particle effects onto the screen. You can use a simple properties panel to modify aspects of the particles. You can paint scenery onto models...

But that isn't to say it's easy. Just that it's a lot easier than many alternatives. There are a lot of moving parts (a great example is the particle emitters). And like it or not you will have to write code (You can choose between C#, JavaScript (not really javascript... more like the scrapped ECMA4 version, but similar enough in most ways to be called "javascript"), or Boo).

Just download the trial version and have some fun with it. Download the example projects found on unity's website and start playing with the tutorials. See what it's like when you create tutorial mashups. Check out what works and what doesn't.