Is Unity 3D good for Product Visualisation?


Unity 3D is great. So far, from my perspective it is fantastic for FPS and racing game development. I am wondering is Unity 3D good for Product Visualization? Say put a car in the middle in the stage and user can see it from different angle and distance. Viewer can open the doors, change the diffuse color of the car, even disassemble the car for e-learning purpose. "Helloracer"is fantastic, but what i need is the car located in the middle of the stage. Are there any samples for reference?


In my opinion it's awesome for product visualization, but you be the judge:

Aquiris (The guys that did the soldier demo that comes with Unity3) have some of the prettiest product demos I've seen:

There are plenty others if you search around. These were just the ones that I saw recently and stuck in my head.

It's pretty neat, since the prototyping is super fast, and yet when you want to turn it into something amazing - you can get excellent results with some effort.

Hi Cyb3rManiak,

Thak you very much for your feedback! And the website you illustrated is great.

Just another question: Do you know where can I find some info on integrating Unity3d to iPhone platform. I tried Youtube and Vimeo, but there are not too much info there.

Thanks in advance.


I just wanted to chime in; I can’t help with your second question, but to answer the first (and give a second opinion), I can tell you that Unity is extremely fit for product presentations, mostly due to its ability to rapidly output visuals. You can literally start a brand new project and in 5 minutes (given the proper skills), be up and running with a sort of “spinning model showcase” complete with GUI elements and all that. And the fact that it can be repeatedly tweaked hundreds of times, and you can see your tweaks in real time, it all helps greatly.

Though Unity often and regrettably lags behind in game technology, it will always be a perfect fit for presentations.

To get it on iPhone or on the web in general you can probably render a bunch of screenshots via Application.CaptureScreenshot(“…”) and then embed the images into a 360 viewer lik this - just an idea.