Is Unity 4.3.4 support iOS 8 ?

Hello Everyone,

I am using unity 4.3.4 version and when i am sending ipa to client its showing SDK not found and dsym not found message he is using iOS 8. Then what’s the issue anyone know how can i solve this issue?

Is Unity 4.3.4 support iOS 8 ?

If you check for the Target iOS Version in Player Settings the only available options are form 4.0 to 6.0 so these are the iOS versions that are supported explicitly. This means the features that are from these versions the one you select will be supported in iOS8 but the iOS8 specific features will not be supported. But this is not your problem here.

Since you are getting the ‘dsym not found’ error I suppose you are sending the file via TestFlight. You need to build your ipa with ARMv7.

Refer this question for details: Error Upload TestFlight : Invalid IPA / dSYM not found