Is Unity 5.4.2f1 still crashing in asset import?

I tried to research this and the threads are old with no new ones. I am experiencing problems with this now.
This is getting old.
And I am getting the message ‘Nothing to import. Already in project’.
This led me to believe the problems lies in the export process.
Does anybody have any help or feedback? I have a project to work on and then I run into this bs.
I am on win 10 home. I am learning when to fold them instead of sitting too long at the card table holding them. Or kill me with kindness instead of me bleeding out.

I jave no idea what issue you’re describing. If you believe you’ve found a bug you should report it to Unity. (or have you tried upgrading and seeing if the bug still exists in 5.5?)

I am using Probuilder. I had to import the asset to my new project to import the my previously exported object.
It seems the objects made are not standalone after created.