Is Unity a good fit for an embedded (web) model file browser?

I'm just wondering if I should consider using the Unity Web plugin as an object embedded in webpages which would let users preview collections of files encoding 3D information (model files basically)

The website here is a little over the top / too slick, so I'm sorry, but asking the question straight up seem like the only straight forward way to go.

The rationale is to have something like a VRML plugin app embedded wherever in web pages. For viewing 3D files like you would an image. Only with the option of click/dragging within the viewport to change the vantage point.

I thought Unity might give me more control over the interface, so users won't be overwhelmed by one size fits all plugin interfaces or have to look at the plugin gui.

Do Unity users freely trade their projects? There may likely already be "an app for this" if so.


I would say yes, the Unity plugin is a good candidate for that sort of app. I have seen others putting it to similar use, for example, Mixamo. Your users will of course need to install the Unity plugin, but that's a fairly painless process and it works well on all platforms I've tried.