Is Unity collecting data from my users even without Unity Adds or Analytics enabled? (And how can I add this to my privacy policy?)

I am currently trying to publish my first game (with no adds in it for now) to Google Play Store and I have to write a privacy policy.
Since I don’t personally collect any data from my users, I wrote that the game does not collect any personal information from the users but I am actually not sure if Unity does it in the background or not. The things I’ve seen on Internet so far are quite contradictory…

So my question is : is Unity collecting data from my users even if I don’t have Unity Adds or Unity Analytics enabled?

I need to be certain since I don’t want to unintentionally lie in my privacy policy…

And if Unity does collect data, is it enough to simply add a link to their privacy policy (Privacy Policy) to mine and explain that Unity might collect personal data from them?

Yes, the last time I checked you had to turn collecting user data off from player settings (in pro version only)

Thank you for the reply! Unfortunately I don’t have Unity pro :frowning:

In that case, I am still unsure if it is OK and if it is enough to simply add a link to Unity’s privacy policy in mine.

Please, if anyone knows anything about this whole privacy policy stuff, could you confirm that this (Bounce Heroes Privacy Policy) is good enough for publishing my game, including for children under the age of 13? Or if it’s not, what should I change/add?