Is unity for beginners?

I am just wondering. I am new to unity. Can you help?

Unity is pretty easy to use. There are a couple tutorials to help get you started and unity has a great community to help you with specific problems. I suggest checking out the support page here.

There are tons of things you can doing in unity w/o needing to write a single line of code(tho your game will be very generic). When you do start coding, you will need the scripting reference.

Some good reading to familiarize yourself with can be found here.

Thats enough to get you going.

Yep, there are a lot of tutorials and books that explain Unity and scripting from the very basics, but if you know about programming and 3D the experience with Unity will be better.

Short answer, yes, Unity can be very friendly to start off with (but offers enough that you can really make some cool things). I recommend the Scripting Reference (you WILL need it) but if you want to get started with pieces of functionality, then a really great place to start is at, it’s where I started and it really helped me understand bits of functionality that I could piece together.

On top of that, I highly recommend you go to the Digital Tutors Unity page, as, even with a free account, there are some great videos to watch that will get you up to speed in no time.

Welcome :slight_smile: