Is Unity for iOS free?

I can’t quite figure it out and have been reading and re-reading and am still not sure.

Is Unity for iOS free with a 30 day trial of Unity iOS Pro


Is Unity for iOS only a 30 day trial?

Unity for iOS isn´t free. it´s U$ 400.00

The 30-day trial is free for pro and iOS pro. At least it was when I did it. But yes, when the trial is over you have to pay for Pro and IOSPro separately.

unity for iOs is free for 30 days (trial) . Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to use this 30 day unity version for commercial purpose. It’s for evaluating purpose only. After you purchase the iOs license, then you get full right!

Unity is free, and can build for PC, Mac and webplayer.

The 30-day trial we have online allows you to evaluate Unity Pro, iOS Pro and Android Pro. After your 30-days are up the trial will end, and you can either revert to the free version, or purchase a license.

Unity Pro costs $1500.

Unity iOS Pro costs $1500.

Unity Android Pro costs $1500.

Unity iOS costs $400.

Unity Android costs $400.

(Simple, huh? ;-))

Isn’t really that simple I have a last question:

-If you first buy the iOS or Android licenses that costs 400$ and in a near future wants to upgrade to Pro, that Pro versions will cost you the whole 1500$ or instead they will cost 1100 $?

Anybody answers that question and is crucial to finally make up my mind on what license purchase.

Thanks in advance!