Is unity gui good to use

Hi, I’m currently starting to work on UI for my game and I’m wondering is unity GUI good enough to use or should i use something like NGUI?
Also how is the performance from unity GUI on mobile devices?

Thanks in advance.

Haven’t tried NGUI but I do a combination of both GUI and Unity UI. Unity UI is very easy to use and is best for people who don’t care to have things inside the hierarchy. Doing GUI is best for people who like to do it all in code and keep the hierarchy limited. I would always use GUI but I’m not 100% perfect at it yet so I only do that if I have to for like slots on an inventory or something. GUI takes multiple compiles to get it right and UI you can set up all by tastes on the screen. So really its all preference. For NGUI I’d say try out Unity UI and GUI and see what you like first so that you don’t drop money down for an asset.

I’ve never used NGUI before, but I’ve had nothing but good results from UGUI! It’s not too hard to get a decent looking UI running with it either, so I’d definitely recommend you try it out! I’ve also heard that UGUI is better than NGUI performance-wise on mobile devices (when testing with Android platforms).