Is unity networking available for standard iOS license?

According to multiple posts on the forum, Unity networking is available for iOS standard license. However on the license comparison page it only has Multiplayer Networking with RakNet as checked for iOS pro.

Which is correct? If it is the case that iOS pro is required that makes the cost of purchasing unity raised from $400 to $3000 for 1 single feature that is available on the free desktop version.

Just got a response from Unity's sales team and it turns out Unity iOS Basic does support Networking, it just appears to be an error on the license comparison page. Hope this clears up things for other people.

I believe that a game having multilayer networking is worth it, to some... IE Look at farmville, so yes, I would go with it is only on pro. Email them directly (I believe but I'd check again).

Good luck, andhope this helps!