Is Unity running fine on Windows 8.1 Professional?

Unity runs perfectly on Win 7. I want to upgrade to Win 8.1 but am not sure if unity is stable in Win 8.1

It works perfectly well on Windows 8. The difference between 8 and 8.1 is minor and mostly cosmetic, so there’s no reason it wouldn’t.

Yes, unity runs perfectly on Win 8.1

I upgraded from Win8 pro to Win8.1 pro last night, so it’s the full proper release from the store.

While Unity 4.2 worked fine on Win8 it now reckons my licence is not valid for the machine. It asks for my serial, which I enter, but it says there have been too many activations. There doesn’t seem to be a way to deactivate the old information, so ill have to wait for Unity support to sort it out. Annoying…

I have had awful project corruption issues with 8.1 and have immediately reverted to 8. This was a few weeks back (but it was on the release candidate of 8.1). I don’t know whether Unity or Windows have solved the problem yet so this is my warning. I am going to be very cautious about installing 8.1 on any of my computers.

After upgrade to Win 8.1 my previous builds, compiled on Unity 4.2 are crashing. Furthermore, the total performance of the Unity project fell down on Win 8.1. In some scenes, where we had FPS around 90-110 it fell down to 30. Scenes, where we had 60 FPS, now show around 20. I checked our game demo, built on our own game engine few years ago - it works well, no difference on Win 8.1. Now I think - maybe the problem is in Unity itself?

Unity 4.3 is very crashy on win 8.1 for me. Often I have to use the task manager to quit unity as it stops responding after attempting to close the application. It also will stop responding when switching projects - quite annoying.