Is Unity suitable to create a musical training app

Hi, I’m looking at developing an application that I want on iphone/android/windows etc as a training tool for drummers and percussionists. Is Unity a suitable environment to create such an app as I want lots of rich media with access to backed servers for storage of training material (aka levels) and how well they are doing?


thanks josh - yes that’s why I was looking at it specifically for the breadth of support across devices that regular people use - it would be nice however if the browser plugin supported linux - but not a big deal at this stage.

The one problem I can foresee with it is that the actual music software in Unity is very primitive. We need write access to audio buffers…but that’s something different altogether. Other than that you’ll be fine, as it is very rapid, and very easy to understand. Step Seq was created in 13 hours - whilst it’ll be a little longer if you’re not absolutely familiar with everything, it will still be really quick.