Is Unity useless without the Internet?

My ISP started Internet repair work, and of course I stayed offline, but as soon as I returned to the project, it turned out that Unity requires an Internet connection to check my license. I remembered that I have a license file for such cases… and you won’t believe it - in order to activate the license file manually, you will need the Internet!

[195214-безымянныи.jpg|195214]I have a question: How to work on my project without the Internet?

(This is my favorite painting, I often look at it)

Activating a license does require an online connection, either directly on that machine, or from another machine with an internet connection then copy the file and bring it back to that offline machine.

But after the license is activated you don’t need an active internet connection, I think it only needs to check in once every 30 days so just activate once and then use it offline.