Is Unity Web Player available for Windows 10?

So I have tried to play games on Windows 10, Microsoft Edge. These games have required Unity Web Player. So I downloaded it. Still doesn’t work.

There could be various problems that you’d need to check. Work your way down these options if the current one doesn’t work.

First, check to see Unity Web Player isn’t blocked in your browser. For example, In Chrome, you will see this in the address bar, where you can allow the plugin for that site.

You could also try the webplayer on another browser.

Check for any updates to both the browser and Webplayer.

Try reinstalling Windows 10, or ‘roll back’ to 7 or 8/8.1.

answer is simple Microsoft Edge at present doesn’t support plugins so unity web player wont work, so you will have to use another browser like chrome or Internet explorer or Firefox