Is Unity working on Windows 10?

has anyone here tested Unity on windows 10?
I want to know if it is already working, because I want to upgrade.

Thanks for answeres!

Unity doesn’t support officially Win10 as of now, but Win10 is backwards compatible, so there shouldn’t be any major problem with it (especially with programs that run on Win7+).

I’m currently not on Win10 and won’t be switching at least to the end of the year, but other people have already tried and confirmed the expected result, you can find such threads on Forum (for example THIS).

It should work perfectly, because it support programs from win7+. If you are not sure, you can download the insider preview and virtualize it, and test if it works normally.

I use Unity3d 5, and am running on the most recent Windows 10 build. I have had 0 problems, 0 crashes, and 0 reason to return to a previous version of Windows!


i am currently using Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview (Build 10159) and i can assure you that Unity 5 is working flawlessly

We have someone on Windows 10 who cannot run our latest builds. The spinner spins and spins and spins and nothing. I have no idea how to debug it since I can’t reproduce it. So desperate to figure out a way to get her up and running.

Unity3d does not work. I’ve updated windows 7 pro to windows 10 and unity crashes instantly when trying to start it.

I have been trying to get Unity 5 to run on this machine, which is running Windows 10, for a few months.
I have reinstalled the operating system, and also Unity itself, several times.
It still does not work, as I am unable to type in my username and password, or anything else for that matter.
I was getting some support from them, but they eventually gave up on me, when they couldn’t work out what was happening.
I suspect it is because I am trying to run the free version, rather than paying for it. If I made any money out of it, I would certainly pay them for using it, but I am just using it for educational purposes.

Well, mine works perfectly, although the installer behavior was… interesting.

If while installing, it hangs up or starts endlessly printing " " (aka. nothing) in the main window, but there’s an icon on your desktop, confirm unity’s launching properly, then close the installer from task manager. (I did this, and nothing bad happened)

With a basic test scene of 2 spinning colliding cubes, I was getting a reliable crash within a minute in Windows 10. Switching compatibility to run in Windows 8 mode appears to have fixed the problem.

My Unity3d doesnt work on my widows 10, tried everything…still no progress
I have free version unity latest build and original windows 10 latest updates
when i run unity, i see only splash screen and then -

Can u help me please?