Is UnregisterHost working or not ?

Hello !

I’m trying to unregister the server on the master server with the UnregisterHost method when the maximum number of connected players is reached (number chosen by the server when it creates the game). But I still can see the game and connect to it with one more client.

I saw this talk about it but nothing is really explained.

Does someone has an idea of the problem ?

As of Unity 4 this is still broken.

UnregisterHost is not sending a table name that matches what was registered, or at least, the server doesn’t understand it. I get these messages on the master server.

16-04-2013 16:12:18	ERROR	No table name defined, during query/removal.
16-04-2013 16:12:18	ERROR	Malformed packet from *:44619, packet size 346 bits.
16-04-2013 16:12:18	INFO	Failed to remove row for *:44619 because table lookup failed

Because of a related bug where RegisterHost won’t fire RegistrationSucceeded on updates (such as to the comment field), I’m not aware of a good way to tell if subsequent calls to RegisterHost succeed or fail.