Is Using Unity's Built In GUI Okay?(IOS)

Is it okay to use Unity’s Built In GUI for IOS? You know the OnGUI() function/method. My game isn’t too big, but I do have plans in the future to add a lot more stuff to it(it will still be small compared to others though). So what is it? I would like an explanation if that is not too much to ask, but a simple yes or no is fine. The version of Unity that I’m using is 4.0 and up. I’ll await your responses now.

As of my opinion, I don’t prefer Unity’s built-in GUI because of both performance and writing complex floating point calculations in my code.

Also the Unity’s GUI runs almost twice the speed as the Update method. For rendering mobile GUI it costs very much. For desktops I can say it can be used.

If you still want to use you can use Prime 31’s UIToolKit

This is an open-source plugin for Unity UI system.

In Unity Asset Store here are a lot of good and advanced plugins like Audodesk Scaleform, NGUI, EzGUI etc. are available you if you have money.

Lastly wait for Unity’s new GUI system to come Unity 4.6 version