IsFinite(outDistanceForSort) Errors

I’m getting the following errors in Unity when I hit the Play bottom and equip a weapon. I get this error about 17 times at once and i can build the game and works fine as long as I clear all errors. L would like to add the the only thing i did is that i added a particle effect (smoke) to the weapon.


UnityStandardAssets.Water.PlanarReflection:RenderReflectionFor(Camera, Camera) (at Assets/Standard Assets/Environment/Water/Water/Scripts/PlanarReflection.cs:200)
UnityStandardAssets.Water.PlanarReflection:RenderHelpCameras(Camera) (at Assets/Standard Assets/Environment/Water/Water/Scripts/PlanarReflection.cs:97)
UnityStandardAssets.Water.PlanarReflection:WaterTileBeingRendered(Transform, Camera) (at Assets/Standard Assets/Environment/Water/Water/Scripts/PlanarReflection.cs:114)
UnityStandardAssets.Water.WaterTile:OnWillRenderObject() (at Assets/Standard Assets/Environment/Water/Water/Scripts/WaterTile.cs:59)

any ideas? This happened to me as well in the previous Unity version but when it got the new update the issue went away.

I updated to 5.3.3p2, still has the problem. But I found a way to solve. The error occured when the scene has the particle with the water. You just need to change the particle gameobject to the water layer(or the other layer that filtered by water script in inspector), and then the error disappeared.