Island collider

I was just wondering how can you create a collider around an island so you can’t go into the water? For example a collider around the island on the picture.

Most games I’ve seen use box colliders to keep physics calculations simple. Usually a lot of boxes placed somewhat-accurately around the playable area to create ‘invisible walls’ with no where for the player to escape. I know the Unity Bootcamp demo uses this technique in the starting area.


@RiseX, there is some ways to do it:

  • Model the collider in a 3D modelling software and import the mesh into Unity.
  • Create several transparent boxes around the island.
  • If your whole scene is this round island, you can define a maximun Distance from the center and while your character moves, check if the next position is smaller than the distance you defined.

The round collider is not a solution that I personally like, but you’re the one to decide.

I would put a simple plane colider at the same position as the water then when they enter into the water just kill the char. this will leave alot of free resources for you.