IslandDemo animation clip for fly and glide

how do i get the fly and glide anime clip from islandDemo, as i copy the Bird folder and paste to the places i wanted, but alots things gone and went wrong and no anime clip why??

can any1 help me how to import or how to get the whole things as i want to create a seagull flying,but always fly anyhow and awhile even telport…why as i copy whole things alre…

So i find out the problems alr… is that you cannot copy folder that you wanted and paste it in your want places. as you have to Export the Bird Package in your Projects and then import to to places.

Here is the Steps:

Island Demo >under the Project> Right click on Birds and Export package by save as Bird,after export,open to your Scene >Go Assets >Import Package> Custom package and Click Bird to import. So that no Data will be lost. and you just need to follow whats in island Demo and the seagull will be flying.