!IsNormalized (normal)

I’m getting this error:

!IsNormalized (normal)

…and I have no idea why. I can’t even remember when it appeared, so I can’t undo what I might have did. Does anyone know why? (Other people have been having this problem but they don’t have the UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI() part.)

We had a similar problem…

!IsNormalized (dir) UnityEngine.SendMouseEvents:DoSendMouseEvents(Int32, Int32)

It was because the Y position of our camera was 6.0E90 (6 with 90 zeros after it)
A bit out of range. lol.

May not be the same issue, but check your lights. I had a spotlight, that was destroying FPS, and causing that to be spammed.

I just hit play, and then went through all of my scene objects and removed and restored one by one until i found the culprit, and it was the spotlight, which i’ve now replaced with a pointlight, as I can accomplish the same goal I wanted with it anyway.

My problem was that the max camera clipping range was set to a very high value. Try lowering it, or perhaps the scale of the entire scene. Hope it helps!

This can also happen if you put bad values into the aspectRatio or orthographicSize of a Projector component.

Due to some missing error checking we were putting values near zero or infinity into these fields, which caused the !IsNormalized spamming of the console window, with the call stack from DockArea.OnGUI.

When trying to track this problem down, try disabling different elements of your scene to narrow down where the problem is coming from – based on the answers here, start with your cameras, spot lights and projectors.

Just to help ppl with the same error , i had this error 2 times in diferent projects, the first time i encountered it, was because i had set a projector’s value very close to zero (ex. 0.0001) and the other one that was recent and was because i had a directional light that was in a rotation of (-90,0,0) that for some reason caused this error repeatedly when i was looking a gameobject from a certain angle or moving the camera too fast.