Isometric tile map help


Im playing with the new isometric tile map stuff.. And I have a fair few issues with it, but Im not sure if it's bugs (due to its unfinished state), or my user error.

First things first - Is there any tutorial/documentation on how to use it anywhere? I failed at finding any, so a lot of my questions may be answered there. I understand this is still in Beta, There's just loads of things I want to try out with it :)


  1. Is there a way to "raise" a tile? So that, if (for example) I have a slope tile - I can make the slope higher by raising the tile next to it). Or maybe I have a tile (like a tree) made out of two tiles?

  2. I had major problems importing tile sheets, and the edit button didn't work on said tile sheet. I eventually got there by just sheer brute force of playing with pixel size, etc etc.

  3. "drawing" areas with the rectangle feature felt clunky

  4. How does collision work?

  5. How do I place a tile on top of another tile (eg, put a tree on a grass tile, etc)

  6. Any ideas on how to access these grids from script, so I can fill them in programmatically?

With ALL these things, Im wondering if its me being an idiot and not understanding it well enough, etc.

  1. You can raise or lower a tile by using the + & - key. You can also rotate a tile using the [ and ] keys. You might need to set the camera transparency sort mode to custom and use (0,1,0) for the axis inside the graphics settings.
  2. Not sure what would cause this. There are times when I had to click more than once to pick a tile from the palette. Especially after a recompile.
  3. I agree :p
  4. I've yet to test collisions but I guess it should be the same as a normal 2D top-down tilemap based game.
  5. You can create mulitple tilemaps, one on top of another. Bottom one for the terrain, and the upper one for the trees.
  6. Yep filling them is pretty straight forward.

Certainly not an idiot. It's a new feature and there's not much tutorials around to learn it (especially the raising and lowering terrains).

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I feel like such an idiot for not trying + & -!

I tried pg up/pg dn/etc :smile:

thank you.. i'll have a bit more of a play

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EDIT: Figured it out - for height to work, need to make tilemap "isometric, z as y"

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some isometric demo code can be found at:

it is an official demo of old unity version, but u can open and run it by 2018.3.0b2 through small tweak.

I have not found official tutorial/ document, only some video at youtube.