issue adding to GUI class

so I have created a public static class Extensions in my project. to which I have added quite successfully extensions to int, string, and float (for performing some parsing, and validation operations), and all of this works very well

by simply doing:

public static int SomeFunc(this int _int)
    // do work on _int
    return _int

So I figured that I could do the same thing to like GUI.Box (so that I can do some uniform scaling about a given point

by doing:

	public static void Box(this GUI gui, Rect rect, GUIContent content, GUIStyle style, Vector2 _scale, Vector2 pivot){
		Matrix4x4 backupMat = GUI.matrix;
		GUIUtility.ScaleAroundPivot(_scale, pivot);
		GUI.Box(rect, content, style);
		GUI.matrix = backupMat;

but when I try to access this method I get the error message that “No overload for method ‘Box’ takes ‘5’ arguments”

so the question is how would I go about adding additional overloads to like GUI.Box(), or for that instance other static GUI methods as well (I can kind of guess that I would see the same issues with the other ones as well)?

additionally is there like an enumeration I can case/switch on so I don’t need a pivot vector2?

You are passing too many arguments to box.

it looks as though GUI, and several other Unity classes have protections that prevent them from being added to, so the best way to get around this is to simply place the methods into a static class, and then call those methods through the class directly.

so it would look like

Extensions.Box(rect, contentToShow, styleForBox, scaleFactor, TextAnchor.UpperLeft);