Issue adding UI Button Unity 5

I’m getting this error message when i try to add an UI Button and play the scene:

“GameObject (named ‘Button’) references runtime script in scene file. Fixing!”

My button is a child of a Canvas.

I also had this issue which was driving me crazy - there was no logical reason to why it happened (it seemed to happen after I made some button/canvas alterations while in play mode accidentally).

Ever since then all my canvas and events objects were corrupted. If I deleted and start again, all would be fine until I switched scenes and then back again - this process would cause the canvas to corrupt.

I seem to have half fixed it by doing ‘Assets > Reimport All’ from the menu. I still get canvas errors but when entering play mode the errors fix themselves.

I have no idea what’s going on here but it’s pretty frustrating!

btw, i “fixed” mine by removing those components that have (scripts) that are causing the error. I dont know if this is a good way of fixing it but it did.

I “fixed” the issue by using NGUI instead of the one clumsily half handed to us by Unity.
(Who ironically tried to steal NGUI’s design and make it better after the guy who made it refused a position at their company)