Issue-Bug with Japanese/Korean Language and Input Fields

We’re working on localizing our game into other languages and, during the course of play, we have the player enter their name into two input fields (first name, last name). This works fine for languages like english, but we’re getting some odd behavior when we go into languages like Japanese.

The issue we’re experiencing is that two text fields that are near one another are both “populating” with the characters of Japanese as a user is typing them in. When you hit enter the text is only applied to the input field you were intending to interact with, which is a good thing, but during the initial typing any new characters are getting added to the tail ends of both input fields.

It’s hard to take a picture that really captures what’s happening, but does anyone know a way to prevent this? I even tried disabling the intractability of the other text field and the behavior continues. As I type the text into one Input Field, the other display any new characters until I finalize what I’m typing in by hitting the enter key.

Me Too… Same Bug Korean