Issue in running executable using Python

Hello there, recently I had installed Unity editor and mlagents package for Python. And I had been following this beginner tutorial :
On executing the third cell of the notebook, the unity executable which we specify in the first cell is supposed to be launched. In my case, the executable somehow launches but nothing gets displayed. I mean its totally blank after the 'made with unity logo'.
If I try to run it sepreately via terminal, then it works properly. Is there something which I could do get it fixed such that it could run properly even if I try to run it via the jupyter notebook above?
My system is running on Ubuntu 18.04, Unity Editor is 2018.4.10 and Python 3.7. The mlagents package is directly downloaded from Github :

Any help is much appreciated. Thank for reading.

Sorry to hear you're having trouble, @mannatant ! We'll circulate this for the team to look into. Which version of C# are you using?

Thanks for your concern. I figured it out. Just had some issue with the version of ML-Agents toolkit. Got it fixed by downloading the correct one.

No worries! Happy to hear you got it working!