Issue - When splitting a Live Recorder Clip in 2023.2.8, the track resets its clip in

So in the past versions, when you split a live rectoder clip, it behaves normal, it simply split them at the poin and the 2 clips have the clip in time they are supposed to have.

In the new version, when you split a clip, the first clip's Clip In point resets to zero. This makes it impossible and honestly broken to edit live recorder clips in Unity timeline.

The only way to work around this, is to copy one clip, and paste it into the next section, and edit each clip individually.

Please look into this and fix it it is very inefficient to edit live recorder clips. I have attached a picture

When splitting a Live Recorder Track in 2023.2.8, the track resets its clip in


Hi @Brainslum ,

Thanks for reporting this, I was able to repro and I logged an issue report in our system.

Not sure when we can look at fixing this thought so just in case, pointing out that the Live Capture code is now open source ( and contributions are very welcome.

Hi thanks for the response!

I would really appreicate it if you guys can keep us posted. LiveCapture and Timeline is like the fundamental step to do Animation, Virtual Production and Cutscenes in Unity. Please let us know when this will be fixed and it really is important to make anything in Unity

It also impacts the ability to copy and paste exiting tracks. The clips will all be reset to have a 0 start time when you copy and paste a clip from one track to another

has unity fixed this issue?