Issue when working with MicroSplat on Android

Hello everyone,
I am having this issue with MicroSplat where, with shadows enabled, I get a weird effect on the terrain (some circular lines appear at the bottom of the camera).

Here’s a video I recorded from my phone to show the issue

I’m just new to MicroSplat, so if someone else has already knowledge about this stuff, I would be very grateful to save a day of researches.

I have tried to:

  • Change the Branch Samples setting
  • Remove the compression from the texture array
  • Change the sampler mode
  • Change the lighting mode (to Baked)
  • Disable the terrain’s shadows (the glitch is reduced by 99%)
  • Toggle terrain’s Draw Instanced setting
  • Toggle the Graphic Jobs setting (under BuildSettings → Player)
  • Change the MicroSplat URP adaptor to Unity 2021

Have a wonderful evening,

Turns out that I was using Unity 2021.3.18f1 and the MicroSplat URP 2020 adaptor, but when I upgraded the project to Unity 2021.3.30f1 the adaptor became deprecated.