Issue with a 2 sided texture (I know, I know) :P

So I know this is a common question around these parts and you wonderful ladies and gents must get tired of answering with links of the answers.


I've read the answers and since I'm a newbie @ some of this shader stuff I'm going to post my issue/trouble I'm having anyways with hopes someone can help?

I have a tree model static mesh that I want to eventually paint on a terrain layer. Anyways, the tree has many branches that are just Planes w/ Alpha maps on them. I am aiming for a 2 sided lit texture shader in unity. When I choose the "transparent/difuse" shader it works with my alphas and looks sweet! Problem is, it doesn't do the 2sided part so all. Now, when I pick the "transparent/cutout/soft edge unlit" shader it all works great! ...except it's obviously unlit. :( I did some searching on here and felt like I was getting way over my head with people posting custom shaders that seemed to work with being lit, being 2sided, and holding alphas, but when I tried to implement these I couldn't quite figure out the process of coding all that in somewhere. Is there anyone who could help me out somehow without hating me for this question? haha


I ended up using the default shader "nature/ambient occlusion leaves" because it supports all the needs I was looking for...