Issue with adding a Loading Screen

Here is the code.
When i click play it runs this method.

IEnumerator LoadAsync(string SceneName)
    AsyncOperation operation = SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync(SceneName);

    LoadingScreenGameObject.SetActive(true); //Displays the loading screen

    while (!operation.isDone)
        float progress = Mathf.Clamp01(operation.progress / .9f);
        percentageText.text = progress * 100 + "%";
        loadingSlider.value = progress;
        yield return null;

And here is a GIF of the issue.
The GIF is a little slow because of my crap Laptop. But as you can see i click the “Play” button and it hangs for a long period of time, goes to loading screen then instantly goes into the game. Why does it hang on the Menu rather than go to the Loading Screen then hang?
Can anybody help please.
Thank you

You start loading before doing anything else.

If the scene, that you are trying to load is small, it will load it instantly, which will probably cause the freeze. Although it should load it instantly.

Anyway try this: First show the LoadingScreen and then start the AsyncLoading.