Issue with Gem particles in the Live Session: 2D World building w/ Tilemap & Cinemachine for 2D

Hi, This is probably me just being dumb, but i’m hoping that someone here would be kind enough to give me an answer to my problem.

So, after following all the Videos in this 2D series i am getting an issues with the particle system attached to the gems, in that upon my player colliding with them the particles fly upwards rather than going outward a spherical pattern as they do in the tutorial videos.

It seems as if the particles are being affected by the Polygon Collider 2D thats attached to the SkyGraident, but i’m not sure on how to overcome this problem, so any help would be very much appreciated as i am kind of stuck in my project right now. I’ve attached Inspector info for the SkyGradient and the part of the particle system this i think is giving me the trouble.

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, and thanks for looking.

Ugh… so it turns out i’m seemingly dumber than i thought.

Seems that i may have changed the "Collides With " field to Mixed either that or Changing it to Nothing seems to have fixed my issue, at least for the time being.

Typical that i see the answer just after i post, and to think i’ve been puzzling over this for a week, on and off >.<