Issue with mouse input when locking the cursor

Whenever I lock the cursor the position of the mouse is not updated, so the first movement – even by a millimeter – I do with the mouse in real life is detected as a huge spike in its delta, causing every behavior that relies on mouse input to react abruptly and in a non predictable way. This happens every time the cursor goes from an UNLOCKED state to a LOCKED state even though in the video linked I only show this behavior at start.

Please, notice the spike in the delta and the sudden change of position to the center of the game window detected by the input debugger as soon as I slightly move my hand on the desk.

I am using the (New) Input System (Version 1.0.0) but it also happens with the old Input.GetAxis method.

Also, I am using a Late 2013 iMac running macOS 10.15.5.

Thank you!

VIDEO: Unity mouse input/cursor lock state issue - YouTube

Do you find the solution ?

I think, in the inputactions(the .inpuctaction fiel your using) you must use Delta and not the Position. For me Delta works.

I have the same issue and I use Delta.