issue with offline mode

when i start unity offline, it lets me start, i tell it to work offline, then nothing. blank screen until i get bored and close it.does unity require an internet connection?

You can use Unity offline…

You have to create a license file.

  1. Select Manual Activation.

  2. Click the Save License Request button to save the License Request file to hard drive or usb stick.

The license request file you just created is tied to the machine you generated it on. This license file will not work on any other machine. The license file will stop recognising a machine that has been reformatted or has had hardware changes.

  1. Go to the Manual Activation page:
    Unity - Activation

The link didn’t work for me with Internet Explorer. I used Google Chrome and it worked!

  1. Click the Browse button to choose the file that you saved.

An Activate Your License window will appear.
I chose Unity Personal Edition.

Then I loaded that license file with Unity in offline mode and then followed the prompts.

Hope that helps!