Issue with printing lines from a dictionary to Unity console.

I was using VS 2015 Community outside of Unity to learn some stuff using Dictionaries. In the following code I have added items to the dictionary, however I cannot use the print() function the same way I would use the Console.WriteLine() function in VS. How can I accomplish this?

    void Start () {

    Dictionary<string, string> theDictionary = new Dictionary<string, string>();
    theDictionary.Add("Test", "Def1");
    theDictionary.Add("Get", "Money");
    theDictionary.Add("Word3", "Definition3");

    foreach (KeyValuePair<string, string> pair in theDictionary) {
        Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", pair.Key, pair.Value);

I want to print out items in the Unity console from the Dictionary.

I am an idiot. I didn’t have my scene loaded with the game object holding the script. What I had is correct, and the way I printed using Unity was by assigning the key value pairs to strings and then concatenating them inside the print() function.

So both methods work. lol