Issue with spherical grass shader at x polar coords,Issue with grass shader on spherical surface at x polar coords

I have been following this tutorial to create a grass shader for my spherical planet.

Currently everything is pretty much the same except that I made the grass into cubes instead of triangles (either way it seems this issue persists).

In my game I generate the grass using a geometry shader along a 3D spherical based surface, called a geodesic dome (Basically a sphere made of hexagons). The issue I’m having is that the width and depth of the grass blades are incredibly small, only at the x polar coords. This results in a skinny blade look. Every where else looks completely normal.

Normal surface grass:

X Polar surface grass:

Interestingly I have tried generating the grass shader on a normal Unity sphere, and I see absolutely no issues. At this point I’ve been stuck on this issue for quite some time and need any help I can get. I can’t think of any reason why it would generate properly at the x polar coords on a curved surface, but not a flat. If it would help I would be totally willing to share the code.,I’ve been working on a grass shader based off this tutorial Unity Grass Shader Tutorial. I’ve modified the grass to be cubes instead of triangles, but besides that everything is pretty much the same. In my game i’m using a geodesic dome as the surface (a sphere made of hexagons).

When I generate the grass geometry along the surface of the geodesic dome it appears to work perfectly except at the x polar coords (points of greatest and lowest x values). At the x polar coords both the width and depth are incredibly small and unlike the rest of the surface. However when I tried generating the grass shader on a normal Unity sphere it appears correctly.

Image of the x polar coords:

Image of the rest of the surface:

I’ve been working on this issue for quite a while and would be very grateful for any help. I’d be more than willing to share the code if it would help.

Solved by use ProBuilder to fix the surface’s normals and tangents