Issue with sprite / animation postion on preview normal on edit mode

Hello, I was wondering if somebody could help as this challenge has me a bit stuck!

So I have created an animation and sprite and saved it as prefab and removed from the scene altogether. But when I come to play the scene - no matter where I place the animation / and sprite it shows up in the same bottom left corner no matter where I place it. I have not been able to find a way round this issue online.

Here are some other bits of useful information:

  • The animation is a blast wave and cannot reposition it ,I can move it where I like in design/edit mode. But defaults to the exact same location in ‘Play’
  • I have moved it to various locations in the scene but regardless of my actions it still plays from the same position - bottom left of the scene
  • When I’m inside the edit/design mode of Unity it shows that entity is in the desired position as it should be (dragged from either position a or b but shows otherwise when I come to testing it.
  • Not matter where I place it position-wise, it still defaults back to the bottom left when played.
  • this is all 2D
  • It has a collider
  • It’s a simple animation

Is this a glitch or something I am missing?

Thank you for your help

Cracked it myself. My “animation” was overriding where I was placing my sprite. In order to position my blastwave (sprite/character) where I wanted to, I removed the “Position” keyframes from the animation. This has now fixed the problem and I can place the animation where desired.

Image attached for reference.