Issue with text in text mesh pro

Hi , im having an issue with the implementation of Text Mesh Pro in my unity 2019.1.1f1 project:

When i create a font asset, and assign it to a TMP object, it looks blurry, in the game view and scene view. But when i zoom in the scene view , the blurry fades and the text looks normal but just in the scene view. What im doing wrong?

Try to set your padding to about %8 of your Pt.Size
For example, if your Pt.Size is 80, set the Padding to 6 or 7.
It shouldn’t be zero. ,Your Padding should be 8-10 percent of your Pt.Size, not 0.
For example, if your Pt.Size is “60”, you should set Padding to 5 or 6 (I recommend 5)

Edit: Click on 16:9 on Game screen and uncheck the Low Resolution Aspect Ratios if it is checked.